Hello! We're super glad that you're interested in our drop-off and pick-up catering services!
Drop-off and pick-up catering orders are perfect for company/office lunches and small parties.

Please note that our minimum for all drop-off catering orders is $300 (subject to change). There is no minimum for pick-up orders.
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Build-your-own-rice-plate: Guests will be able to build their own rice plate with their choice of protein (Korean BBQ Short Rib, Korean BBQ Beef, Korean BBQ Chicken, Miso-Coconut Braised Pork and our Soy & Portabello Mushroom Vegetarian Patty) that will be served in large party trays.

The following will also be provided:
- Toppings such as kimchi, fried shallots, green onions and masago
- Sauces such as red sauce (medium spicy), katsu aioli, garlic aioli or teriyaki sauce
- Seasoned furikake white rice
- Side of fresh spring mix salad with Japanese-Sesame creamy dressing

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